Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki

14 Grand Master Pet Bags

This guide incorporates every Grand Master, Panderan Spirit, and all three Beasts of Fable Daily quests into one flight path. Each are color coded and ordered to make it as quick and seemless as possible: 1 Aki the Chosen. 2 No-No. 3 Lucky-Yi. 4 Farmer Nishi. 5 Mo'ruk. 6 Skitterer Xi'a. 7 Greyhoof. 8 Panderen Water Spirit. 9 Gorespine. 10 Wastewalker Shu. 11 Ti'un the Wanderer. 12 Seeker Zusshi. 13 Pandaren Fire Spirit. 14 Kafi. 15 Courageous Yon. 16 Pandaren Earth Spirit. 17 Dos-Ryga. 18 Pandaren Air Spirit. 19 Nitun. 20 Hyuna of the Shrines. 21 Ka'wi the Gorger.

5 More Bags in Azeroth

After you complete this path, its onto Azeroth to complete the other 5. When the Darkmoon Fair is in town, theres an additional Bag. you will face 5 additional trainers. A mage is best to get around quickly. 1 Cold Stone Trixxy. 2 Obalis. 3 Lydia Accoste. 4 Bloodknight Antari. 5 Major Payne. By the end of this route, you will normaly have a stack of bandages, 2-3 named pet stones, a variety of Magical Pet Biscuit, and MOST importantly the Lesser Pet Treat that apply 25% experience bonus to leveling! The entire route usualy takes about an hour, so get going!