Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki

Hyuna of the Shrines

Hyuna of the Shrines, can be found 48, 54 in The jade Forest. While she may look pretty, her pets can be rough. But with a little help from Alfred Hitchcock, shes gonna learn all about our murder of crows!

Skyshaper- is flying, but as a good student youve learned that there is nothing faster out there then our s/s crows we spent hours farming on the dark moon fair campgrounds for this very moment. Your always going to go first. Thats usualy more important then any other condition. start the round with darknenss. Skyshaper will attack with confusing sting. Light him up with nocturnal strike, alot of the time it will hit critical, either way, its gonna drop him low. He will counter with glowing toxin, but its already to late. Finish out with alpha strike spam. GG

Fangor is a BEAST! Literaly. thats his class.. When the round starts your crow should be at 1/2 life or more. As Fangor is S/S, if your under 1/2 health, he may go first, as the birds lose thier speed buff when they drop below 1/2. But either way. Nocturnal strike should be up and or darkness. Fangor will always start with his Hiss, reducing your speed by 25%, so if you have nocturnal up and darkness is up, hit him with it, if not just use alpha strike to counter. his next move will be Burrow, so just alpha strike. Now, when burrow resolves, hit him with Darkness. and finish out the round with alpha spam untill nocturnal comes up. Dont forget to congratulate Hyuna on her new pair of snake skin boots!

Door the Wall is aquatic wich really translates into - Please lord, just kill me. Hes got one attack, a heal and a shield. But none of that matters because you start the round off with whatever is not on CD, then hit him with Darkness, nocturnal strike, and alpha spam. I usualy get to him with 1-2 crows. This Trainer can also be defeated with 2 crows and a third pet of your choice.

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