Sully “The Pickle” McLeary

Sully “The Pickle” McLeary is one of the weekly Celestial Tournament Opponents. His pets are Socks, Monte, and Rikki.

Your Team: 1.Spirebound Crab (H/H) 2. Kunlai-Runt (P/P) 3. Raven (S/S) or Crow (S/S)

Socks is Undead. He's gonna start off offensive, so be sure to get Renewing Mist up as quick as you can, after that. Drop Whirlpool on him then Snap spam. Use mists on Cool Down, and ride it out till he's dead. If your crab dies, swap into the Kunlai runt. When Socks dies, he will use Unholy Ascension.

Monte is a Critter, so we use our favorite critter destroyer, Kunlai Runt. Just move right into Rampage, dont worry about getting the bleed up, 3 swipes and this rabbit is history. If you have to , clean up with a thrash or two, but you shouldnt have any issue.

Rikki is Aquatic, wich pretty much means " Please lord kill me now!" You guessed it, Raven Rape time! Drop Call Darknes and Nocturnal Strike on his face, don't worry about his cuteness ... Darkness + Nocturnal = GG. Alpha Strike spam and he's outa here!

Team Two: 1.Swamp Croaker (H/H) 2. Zao (P/S) 3. Pterrordax Hatchling (P/S)

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