Aki The Chosen

Aki the Chosen is one of those trainers that can be deceiving. Her pets are Chirrup, Stormlash, and Whiskers. While they are strong, you can actually defeat all three with ONE pet; enter Anubisath Idol! His abilities, when used in the proper way, can be very effective in both damage and mitigation. Think of him as your tanking battle pet. As of 5.4, my second team is now Anubisath, Crow or Raven, and the pet you want to level.

Chirrup - Start the fight with the pet you wish to level. Chirrup will almost always start with Nature's Touch or Swarm, so let the round resolve then switch to Anubisath. Change the weather to Sandstorm; this will completely negate Chirrup's Swarm. Just keep swinging with Crush until Chirrup is dead.

Stormlash - He is easy to navigate. It's just about control. Round 1, he's going to cast Call Lightning. Let him; you're going to use Deflect on it anyway. Round 2 use Sandstorm. This will flip the weather from Call Lightning. Now, just go in and swing Crush until he's dead. You may miss a couple times, but so will he. It's worth the trade off. If he gets Call Lightning out again, just mitigate with Deflect and re-up your Sandstorm. Easy.

Whiskers - This is another one of those timing is everything pets. You have to make sure you have Deflection available so you can deflect the Dive resolution. Round 1 is either a Surge or a Dive; either way, just swing with Crush until he Dives. Don't waste Sandstorm just yet as its strong against him and you won't want to waste it while he's underwater. Once Whiskers Dives, use Deflection; it will resolve and no damage will occur. Follow up with Sandstorm; Whiskers will take heavy damage. Rinse and repeat with Crush, and use Deflection anytime he Dives. Hold Sandstorm for after every Dive, and it's GG.

Pet Battle Pvp Team

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Even if Anubisath dies, your secondary pet will usually just rape him. Watch the video below for a one shot!