PowerLeveling Battle Pets:

Leveling your first pet team from 1-25 can be a grind. But Once you have a few 25's, this process will become quick and painless. Just as you leveled your character for raiding or RP, your battle pets needs to be leveled also. The absolute fastest way to do this is to make sure you do the Beasts of Fable 1 2 3 dailies every day for the Lesser Pet Treat. Be sure to complete the weekly PVP weekly given by Gentle San, the same quest giver that hands you the fabel ones daily for the Pet Treat. Combine them both with your Safari Hat, and your 85% bonus to leveling! If your just starting out, please see the Add-ons section of the site to make it even faster! This guide recomends 2 Darkmoon Crow, Gilnean Raven, Imperial Moth or any combination of Fliers that are strong against Aquatics.

A few things to remember: Unless the pet is lvl 25, the system will divide the XP equaly among the pets in the group. So if you want to get 2 up quickly, try techniques that allow you to use those 2 pets against teams of 2 or 3. Keep in mind as you battle you will come across other pets around the same level, and you want a diversity of these families, so catch a few to diversify your selection when it comes to battling trainers. If your having trouble in an area, check your collection and see if you have pets that are strong against the ones your currently fighting.

So now that you have your crew picked, and have some time, Make your way to Mistfall Village, where Aki the Chosen has been relocated and lets get to work on getting some of those Celestial Tournament pets leved up!

Mistfall Village 35,79

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki

So Make sure you have the addons you need. And lets begin! Engage one of the many pets in the area and start with the pet your going to level. 90% of the time these striders and other aquatics out here will use thier pump or cleansing rain first, so you have a 33% chance you'll take any damage on the first round. So leveling lvl 1's here is a good thing to do, but anythign level 5 and above will survive. After the first round resolves, switch into your flier. I prefer the Crows and Ravens as they chain into each others abilities. If darkness is still up and your pet goes down, the next one can immediately use nocturnal strike and hit for huge damage. and you can never go wrong with alphastrike spam. For the most part its just a repetetive cycle of Darkness, Nocturnal Strike, and Alphastrike. Each fight goes very quickly, especialy if you save those nocturnal strikes for critters that swap in, alot of the time you can one shot them with it. The video link below is a full instructional video that explains these tactics in great detail and shows you them in practice in real time!

Gromgar 68,64

This is the second area of Powerleveling and new in 6.0 here you will face off Gargra and her pack of wolves, and after her demise its a curios team of Jade Crane Chick and a Kun-lai Runt. I know it sounds like a strange conbination, but the mixture of critters here with weak attacks against the Flier will make sense. Also, you should have a level 2 Garrison by now, and that will shorten your Revive Pet skill down to 4 minutes, VERY handy and easy on the bandages! Its Literaly a circle here after defeating Gargra. I have Interact with Target keybound to F1, It makes it very easy to target the pet to fight then just spam F1 untill you reach a usable battlefield. Set the Crane Chick up with Thrash, Jadeskin and Cyclone. Set the runt with Thrash, Frostshock and Rampage. When facing the Icespine Hatchlings use the Jadesin first, then thrash away. Use Cyclone to soften up any background fliers when theres 2. To save health on the Jade chick, Swap into the Runt when theres two critters as there weak against humanoids.

Pet Battle Pvp Team

Pet Battle Pvp Team

Once you have had a chance to watch the video's above your next move should be doing the daily fights in the WOD Area's, starting with the 6 Grand Masters in WOD. Below is the video showing the teams, route, locations and strategies.