>Lil' Oondasta

Lil' Oondasta is a daily quest opponent. The quest is given by Little Tommy Newcomer. He can be found to the left of the Celestial Tournament quartermaster, Mistweaver Ku<, on the Timeless Isle. He hits really hard, just like the real Oondasta when the tank faces him into the raid. But don’t worry; we have an experienced raid lead to give us the kill!

Your Team: 1.  Pygmy Direhorn (P/S) (or any other pet that is faster than Oondasta and has Stampede or a similar 2-round 100% damage increase effect)  2.  Menagerie Custodian (H/H)    3.  Darkmoon Zeppelin  (H/P)

Team 2 :  1.  Pygmy Direhorn (P/S)  2.  Menagerie Custodian  (H/H)   3.  Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (H/B)

Lil’ Oondasta starts with a HUGE one-shot mechanic, so be sure to Start with the Direhorn and cast Stampede as the first move. When your pet dies, he will switch your pet out with the one with the highest life total, the Custodian, in this case. Menagerie Custodian’s first move is Shock and Awe, his second is Ion Cannon, with doubled damage, this combo should bring Oondasta low. Keep spamming Zap until he dies if you can if not, just let him die and auto flip into the Zeppelin.

Darkmoon Zeppelin starts low as he was hit by the AOE; but don’t worry, the fights almost done. Start Round 3 with the Zeppelin's Decoy. This will last 2 rounds, long enough for you zerg him down with Missile. Just spam it until Lil' Oondasta is a tiny pile of shiny refuse. Team 2 has the same principal; just use the second Ion cannon from the Mechanical Yeti.

Pet Battle Pvp Team

Pet Battle Pvp Team Guide to team compositions

Team 3 (shown in the 3rd video embedded below) is Lil’ Bling, Menagerie Custodian, and Darkmoon Tonk … the SUPER Powerhouse combo!