Wise Mari

Wise Mari is one of the weekly Celestial Tournament Opponents. His pets are Carpe Diem, Spirus and River.
Your team: 1.  Crow or Gilnean Raven (B/B)     2.  Onyxian Whelpling (P/B)      3.  Sea Pony (B/B) (or your favorite Elemental killer)

Carpe Diem is one of those silly little Aquatic give-me's Blizz is so fond of. Any flyer you use is going to be faster then he is, so start with Alpha Strike. He's going to cast Cleansing Rain. So the next round switch it with Call Darkness then counterstrike with Nocturnal Strike. He's going to use his AOE ability, Dreadful Breath, so rip thru him with Alpha Strike spam till he's fish sticks!

Spirus is a double power Magical. Normally, I’d grab my Protowhelp but here, we’re going to ride out the flyer until it’s dead. Just keep Darkness and Nocturnal Strike on CD until he kills the Raven. Sometimes he does, and sometimes he doesn't. Either way when it goes down, bring in the Whelpling. This guy has some negation with his Soul Ward, so here I just spam Tail Sweep and implement the heal (Healing Flame) where I can until he's dead, usually doesn't take to long.

River is a double speed Elemental, so I figured Sea Pony here would rape him. The Onyxian Whelpling is so strong though and he's so predictable that usually the Dragonkin will beat him with a few well timed attacks. River’s first move is always Whirlpool, so Tail Sweep him. His next move is Dive, so I take the free round to heal. You have to live thru a Whirlpool resolution AND a Dive resolution, so healing is an excellent choice here. After the heal, I charge Deep Breath. After his Dive resolves he will cast Pump (this guy has a lot of maintenance). Once Deep Breath is charged, you usually hit him for about 1k. If not, just Tail Sweep spam. When the Sea Pony comes in, use your judgment. From here, Surge spam should win the day! Good Game!

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