Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki

Beasts of Fable 1 2 3

This guide incorporates every Beasts of Fable Daily quest into one flight path. Each are color coded and ordered to make it as quick and seemless as possible: 1 Kafi. 2 Ti'un the Wanderer. 3 Gorespine. 4 Greyhoof. 5 Skitterer Xi'a. 6 Lucky Yi. 7 No-no. 8 Dos-Ryga. 9 Nitun. 10 Ka'wi the Gorger. This whole path takes around 30 minutes, I recomend combining them with All 19 Grand Master Pet Bag Daily Rewards.

By completing these three daily quests, you will get a reward bag that has a chance at a pet and three Lesser Pet Treat, wich allow for faster leveling so you can complete the Celestial Tournament.