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Grand Master Aki


Obalis is the Uldam Grand Master, he can be found at 54,41. His pets are Clatter, Pyth and Spring. He might look big, but hes going DOWN! Enter the Harbinger Zerg!

Spring is a flyer. the trick here is to not waste your conflagerate on a cocoon strike. Open with immolate. Spam burn till cocoon strike, and once it resolves, hit conflagerate then burn spam till hes moth toast!

Pyth is a beast. Although hes a snake, he doesnt have the common burrow ability.. good for us, that means a solid conflagerate for us. He will open with posion fang, return with immolate. if your harbinger dies, dont worry, thier like dorrito's, you have more! Thats the beauty of the harbinger zerg, they all share abilities. So if the targets immolated and burning, and it has alot of life, conflagerate, then burn spam.

Clatter is a critter. While he doesnt take much damage from the harbingers abilities, he doesnt hit to hard either, so here its just immolate, conflagerate, and burn spam. Game Over

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