Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki

Bloodknight Antari

Antari is pretty much a pushover with the right tools. For this fight, I just power thru him with Harbingers of flame.

Arcanus - His first move is usualy his amplify magic, increasing the damage he does for 25 %. Start off with immolate, this will set the burn on the target for use of conflagerate, our powerhouse punch! As its cooling down just burn spam till hes dead, moving into Jade Fire.

Jade Fire is the elemental version of the Harbingers of Flame. First round use immolate, and second round, you guessed it, conflagerate! finish with a burn spam. Onto round three!

Netherbite is a dragonkin crusin for a Harbinger brusin! but hes a little tricky so heres the secret. he only has one attack, the other 2 moves are dodge abilities! So spam immolate on the target untill it catches, it usualy will within the first 2 turns. Then, pay attention to his debuffs. If he doesnt have the phaseshift or soulburn debuffs up, hit conflag and rape! If it misses, dont worry, you can just burn spam and its GG! You can also level a pet using an Onyxian Whelpling, Kunlai-runt, and pet of your choice!

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