Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki

Skitterer Xi'a

This is the Beasts of Fable Book 2 Legendary Skitterer Xi'a. The quest can be picked up from Gentle Sans, located in the Shrine of the Two Moons at 60,23. For this Encounter were going to use : I prefer three s/s Ravens, but it can vary. Any crow/raven combination will work.

We have the speed advantage here, so lets get to work. Start by dropping darkness. This is going to do some damage and set him up for nocturnal strike. Skitterer will usualy start off with Flurry. He cycles thru Skitter, Flurry and Water Jet. This fight is just about keeping Darkness and Nocturnal strike on CD, and spamming alpha strike. When one Raven goes down, cycle in another and keep chaining the darness with Noctuurnal Strikes.

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