Power level a pet from 1-25 in 4 pet battles

Ive been getting alot of feedback on my Power leveling guide, and many have asked if theres a faster way. So here is the FASTEST method I know! 1-25 in FOUR pet battles! I started with Aki The Chosen, at her new location Mistfall Village, 31,74. From there its out to Mo'ruk in Krasarang Wilds 62,45. Afterwards head west to the Pandren Flowing Spirit, Dreadwastes 61,87. When shes down it finishes out with Burning Pandren Spirit in Townlong Steppes 57,42. This process can be done once a day, and there are other mixes of trainers and grand masters you can replicate the process with. You can find a guide on breeds here: Breed Id Explained

Four Pet Battle Team Line up: Aki the Chosen: Anubisath, Raven, and lvl pet. Aki The Chosen Guide. Mo'ruk : Son of Animus, Emerald Whelpling, lvl pet. Mo'ruk Guide. (The guide uses a Raven, I replaced it with Animus here. ) Flowing Pandaren Spirit : Raven, Anubisath, and lvl pet. Flowing Pandaren Spirit Guide. Burning Pandaren Spirit: Anubisath, SeaPony and lvl pet Burning Pandren Spirit

Watch the video below to see the teams in action!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki