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Courageous Yon

Courageous Yon is the kun-Lai Summit Grand Master, and can be found in his cave at the top of the mountain at 35,73. His team is Bleat, Lapin, and Piqua. He must have been in thta cave for a long time and might have forgotten how to fight, because were about to chokeslam his whole team! For this fight your team is: Raven, Spectral tiger cub (or Spectral porcupet) and Kunlai-Runt

Piqua is a flyer. he strats ofd with squak. We start with our raven and hit darkness, its about to combo with spectral strike, which is just crazy damage mixed with prowl. His next move is Lift-off, great because were flipping into the spectral tiger cub. When lift off resolves, use prowl. thats going to give 125% increased damage to spectoral strike, which already hits for about 1.2k. Hes going to flock, after youve hit prowl, hit spectral strike, and watch him one shot Piqua for 2.6k! Penguin Dinner anyone?

Laplin seems a bit tricky with his Burow and dodge, but dont worry, the kunlai runt Has his number! Keep the tiger in play for one round and hit him with rend, its storng against critter, when he burrows thats our free round swap. switch to Kunlai runt. dont bother with th ebleed, just hit rampage and its a dead rabbit.

Bleet seems hard, but hes no match for our raven. use the kunlai runt until he dies or you win, then flip into the raven. hit darkness, nocturnal strike, and alpha strike spam and Bleat wont be in the sequel. great job team! Watch the video below for a one shot!

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