Zao, Calfling of Niuzao

Zao, Calfling of Niuzao is one of the Four weekly Celestial Tournament Legendaries. This little Ox packs a serious healing solution.. but its just wishfull thinking against our spider zerg!

Team 1: Any fox with Dazzling Dance and Howl, Crsytal Spider, and any other spider with Brittle Webbing and Spiderling Swarm.

Team 2: Alpine Foxling B/B 2. Crsytal Spider B/B 3. Tranquil Mechanical Yeti H/B

This is one of my vaforite combo's I use the same one on Nitun. Round 1 cast Dazzling Dance. Zao will charge up Niuzao's Charge for his attack. Round 2 Bite, your going to take a huge hit, as long as it isnt critical, were still in this. Round 3 Howl, your fox is going to die unless he somehow misses. But its what we want to happen. It needs to be up for 2 rounds so use howl when your SURE hes going to die.

When he dies, flip to the crystal spider. First move is Brittle Webbing. Second is Spiderling Swarm, hitting for 100% PLUS 100% on the swarm! Not only that, but the damage stays below the "legend's cant take any more then a 1/3 of thier life in one hit" radar. Third move is Crystal Prison. This is CRITICAL. The prison offsets his Wish by 1 round. With him prisoned, switch to another spider. use Brittle web, he will wish. Use swarm and it kills him before the wish resolves. GG

Team 2 is the same concept, but after the Crystal Prison, switch to the yeti and use Ion Cannon if hes around 500 life, if not, use Call Lightning first then the cannon.

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki