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Grand Master Aki

Farmer Nishi

Farmer Nishi can be found at 46,43. Valley of the Four Winds. Her pets are Siren, Tothbreaker, and Brood of Mothallus. This team seems tough, but I hope your hungry for some Turnipsteaks, cause were about to chokeslam some veggi pets! So choose the pet you want to level and lets get to work.

Siren is an elemental. She always starts off with Sunlight, we use this to our advantage. Round one starts with whatever pet your going to level once, its resolved, switch into the harbinger. start your normal harbinger routine, immolate, conflagerate. Then spam your burn, Wait till theres 2 round sleft on sunshine, she will re- up the spell then you can finish her off. now your at max life =)

Toothbreaker starts the round with Sons of the root. No problem, just spam immolate untill he resurfaces. When he does, light him up with immolate, then conflagerate, then spam burn till hes dead. If its done right and the RNG gods were kind, sunlight falls off and your pets at full hea;th or near it and all thats left is brood.

Brood of Mothallus is a bit tricky. Once again its about timing. His first round is going to be acidic goo, then hes going to burrow. So hit him with the immolate, then wait for his burrow to resolve, when it does, hit him with conflagerate then burn spam. If the harbinger dies, My second pet is Anubisath. he usualy just dodges the burrow and hits back with crush. Either way its a clean win!

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