Team: Harbinger of Flame, Pandaren Fire Spirit, and Lava Crab. I tried a few others like Lil' Ragnaros but this was the best setup for this style of engagement. Also, you CAN solo this fight with Blossoming Ancient or a Ruby Droplet, but it takes forever! You can also solo it with some good RNG with the Teroclaw Hatchling. But he makes quick work of the first two pets! and some into the third. The speed switch is hard to time to the dodge.

Start with Harbinger, and use Impale. This will bring bling down 1/4 life or so and set the tempo for the fight. Afterwards, its Magma Wave spam till harbinger is dead. On the switch bring in the fire spirit. Start with Cauterize, this will set the cool down ticking and recoup any damage she takes from the start. Now its just Magma Wave spam, keeping Cauterize on cool down. when bling enters 1/4 life range, he will pop Armageddon, it will bring the spirit low, but not enough to kill it. When Protectron enters he will use Ion Cannon and kill the fire spirit. On the switch, bring in the Lava Crab. Protectron will be recovering so just spam Burn till hes down. When the second Protectron comes in, use cauterize to negate the Ion cannon. Afterwards, just spam Burn, GG! Blossoming Ancient tactic : Sunlight, Photosynthesis, Poisoned Branch spam. Keep photo up and Sunlight on cool down. win 10 minutes later. Ruby Droplet tactic: Bubble, Drain Blood, Absorb spam. Keep Drain blood and Bubble on cool down and spam Absorb. Win 12 Minutes later.

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki