Manos, Hanos, Fatosare one of the new Scrappin' Dailies of WOD.

Team 1: Pandaren Mechanical Dragonling S/S, and Emerald Proto-Whelp P/P

Start with Pandaren Mechanical Dragonling, use Decoy. This will negate the incomming damage from Mana Surge. Now its just Breath spam untill Manos is down. Once the next pet enters, Keep spamming breath until the decoy returns. There is some RNG here with the Blinding light, so be patent. If you need to, swap to the Whelp and use Proto-Strike, to mitigate or avoid the blind completely. When hes down and the third pet swaps in, just re-up Decoy and spam Breath. Should be clean and easy from here out.

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki