Add-ons that impact your battle pet experience

Alot of players are interested in the addons that they see in my videos. Each one of these are used in my presentations:


This is one of the most important add-ons for me. Alot of the time when Im out hunting pets for these videos, Im looking for the breed (also called Species) that will be the most effective for what ever trainer or pet i'm tryin to win against. It allows you to see what breed they are real time and make the choice to capture the pet or move on.

Daily Tamer check

Daily Tamer Check is another great resource for knowing how many tamers you've gone to and what you have left to complete. It has a variety of goto points for all the Tamers, Grand Masters, Legends, Spirits, everything pet battle related!

Pet Battle Master

This one is a favorite! It does a few things actualy. First and most important, it gives me team selection when I open the Pet/Mount window. ( you can also hit shift+P) You can load each one of your pet teams for the next battle. So I name my trainer teams for each daily IE" Panderen Air Spirit, Lil'Oondasta wtf0wnage, ect. It also sets a stat window so you can see each team, and what thier strong or weak against. How much life each pet has on both teams, lvl, ect. A very helpfull window for deciding what pets and startegy your going to use. Personaly, I look at what the pets abilities are weak against when I build teams. But this addon will definately help the beginner get a grasp of whats going on.

Pet Tracker

This one has alot of utility. This one gives you the 3 button bar at the bottom of the screen showing you which abilities your against, what thier weak or strong against, and the cooldown left on thier rounds. A GREAT realtime tool! It also has a feature(called zonetracker, it can be turned off or on) that allows you to see all spawn points in areas for each pet native to the area. So if your out collecting and wonder if youve gotten everything in a zone or where its located in that zone, then this addon is definately for you. It even has a progress bar where your quest objectifves are to tell you how many pets you have that are in the zone, and supports different search options IE: missing pets VS collected. It adds an additional tab in your pet/mount at the bottom called trainers, and it shows all the trainers and thier teams, so you can see what your going to go up against, a VERY helpful tool.

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki

Pet Battle Pvp Team

Pet Battle Pvp Team 19 pet Supply Bags

Pet Journal Enchanced

Just as its name suggests, it gives ALOT more detail in your pet journal window. It adds how many Unique pets you have in additon to total. It gives you a much more versatile pet collection search engine, allowing you to sort by not only families but also by ability type, zones, quality, breedid, the list just goes on and on. So take some time to explore it. Collectme works in tandem with it.

Collect Me

By far one of the most advanced addons, This one you can take some time to really get into, it serves both your mounts, pets, and titles. You can use it to randomly select a pet every time you mount. It will auto summon a different pet every time you move forward if you dont have one out, or cycle thru a predefined list. Sort your collections by what you have and what you dont, vendor items, no longer available. The options just go on and on. Download this one and really get into it!

So thats about all I use, so check out the video's to see them in real time! - Elfuego