Breed ID: The Mystery Unlocked

So Breed ID (also referred to as species or species ID) is something that Blizzard put into the game to further randomize your pet diversity. So even though I have a crow and you have a crow, my crow always seems to go first…WHY IS THAT?! Well, if you’re battling Elfuego, it’s probably because I spent hours farming the Dark Moon Faire grounds hunting a specific type of Crow, the S/S breed. Understanding the Breed ID is critical to fights, because the modifiers of the breed will determine whether or not you go first, how much life your pet has, what kind of damage they do, etc.

First off, we need to understand what the modifiers are. There are 3 categories: Health, Power, and Speed. So with the addon ‘Breed ID’ enabled, you mouse over a pet window to see your Current Breed and your Possible Breed. Current is what you own at the moment, Possible defines how many breeds of that species are available in the game. There are a few different types of breeds. I’ll go over them one by one.

Grand Master Aki
  • H/H means the Health values have been doubled in the Health modifier.
  • H/P means the Health and Power values have been equally distributed, but the speed modifer hasn't changed.
  • H/S means the Health and Speed values have been equally distributed, but the power modifer hasn't changed.
  • H/B means the Health has been increased, the remaining values are equality distributed over the Power and Speed modifiers.
  • P/P means the Power values have been doubled in the Power modifier.
  • P/B means the Power has been increased, the remaining values are equality distributed over the Speed and Health modifiers.
  • B/B means all the values have been equaliy modified between Health Power and Speed.
  • S/B means the Speed has been increased, the remaining values areequality distributed over the Health and Power modifiers.
  • S/P means the Speed and Power values have been equally distributed, but the Health modifer hasn't changed.
  • S/S means the Speed values have been doubled in the Speed modifier.
  • Pet Battle Pvp Team

    Pet Battle Pvp Team

    So it may seem a little confusing, but it really isn’t. To make your decision, consider: 1. What breed the pet even comes in. There’s no point spending hours and hours hunting down an H/H crow if it doesn’t exist, you know?! So make sure what you’re looking for exists. And, 2. Will the Breed ID provide the edge that you’re looking for? Are you really sure that getting the H/H crow will mean living thru another round when the S/S crow would have gone first and eliminated the need for higher health?

    Once you have these questions answered, your search can begin. It’s pretty easy to find most breeds. You go to the area the pet is in and start engaging them. If it isn’t the Breed you want, I recommend fleeing the battle then killing the pet so the system respawns another random breed. A good example of this are the level 5-9 pets found surrounding the Darkmoon Faire. Because Blizzard no longer gives the Gilnean Raven in any breed other then B/B, the only other 2 alternatives are: 1 - Trying to find it on the AH for ridiculous prices, or 2 - Roam the Darkmoon Faire grounds killing the Darkmoon Fly hoping for a Crow to appear with them, THEN hoping the crow is S/S or P/S. Anyone who has done this can tell you how boring and frustrating it is at the same time! I'm one of them...

    So let’s look at my favorite example of this. First is the Flayer Youngling. I use the S/S version, which means all of the modifying values are dumped into his Speed stat. So if he was P/P, his stats would look like this: Health 1400 Power 325 Speed 260. This means he isn’t very fast, but packs one HELL of a punch, especially if he’s going against something weaker like a Dragonkin. He is my favorite dragon killer. But, what if the dragon is faster? Then, the dragon gets to go first. And, if I needed to live through just one more round, a faster version of this guy would have been better to use. So, normally, with PVP in particular, you want an S/S breed or an S/P breed. So if that same Flayer Youngling had been S/S, then his stats would have looked like this: Health 1400 Power 260 Speed 325. Now, his speed is faster than any dragon out there AND he will always go first, so that means: stun lock, blitz, one chance to get hit, deflection, stun, GG.

    So, now all that’s left is to decide if you really want that P/P pet to hit hard or if the points would be better spent in more health or more speed. If the pet you want doesn’t come in the stats you need, look for another alternative. (i.e.: Pet A pet doesn’t come in the P/P breed, but Pet B has a similar move and DOES come in P/P.) That’s really all there is to it guys!

    power leveling pet battle

    Pet Battle Power leveling Pet Battle Power leveling

    I have uploaded video of Breed ID's so you can see real time how they affect a fight. How speed is determined and factors into battling and team design. I hope it helps, and if you have anything to add or ask, feel free to drop a line on the contact page or better yet, leave us a comment here on the page – there’s likely someone else who has the same question as you do!