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The Chain Gang

Chaingang style teams are a particular favorite of mine. Its so easy when one of your team goes down, and in comes an exact replica of that team member and instead of using a round to re-up an effect, you can just strat off with it immediately. The Crows and ravens are particularly great with this because of the short cd on nocturnal strike AND thier passive allows them to go first ( as thier speed is buffed while over 50% health). Another great chain gang style team is three Harbingers of Flame. This team has alot of the ideal components. 1. They go first against 85% of teams out there. Sometimes this works against you however, as the opt can reverse your weather effect, so be careful as your faster. Alot of the time, I will start off with just an alphastrike because the opt is EXPECTING me to stat with darkness). From here its just keeping your nocturnal strike on cd, and spaming alpha strike. Remember, elementals ignore weather effects, so when facing them, alpha strike and cd on darkness is key. Sometimes you can get nocturnal to connect, but other then that this team is solid. When hunting for your pets for this crew, be sure to look for S/S and P/S variations, you can find a guide on breeds here: Breed Id Explained

Chain Gang Team Lineups: Team A: Crow, Crow, Crow. - Team B:Harbinger of Flame, Harbinger of Flame, Harbinger of Flame. - Team C: Pygmy Direhorn, Pygmy Direhorn, Pygmy Direhorn. - Team D: Spineclaw Crab, Spineclaw Crab, Spineclaw Crab. - Team E: Fel Flame, Fel Flame, Fel Flame.

Watch the video below to see the teams in action!

Aki the chosen

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