Christoph VonFeasel

Christoph VonFeasel is one of the Monthly Darkmoon Fair Grand Masters. He has a beastly surprise waiting for us under that hat, but rest assured we got the medicine!

Team 1: Spawn of Onyxia P/B 2. Tranquil Mechanical Yeti B/B 3. Menagerie Custodian H/H

Team 2: Pocket Reaver P/B 2. Lil Bling B/B 3. Sunreaver Microsentry H/H

Team 3: This team will allow you to power level a pet. Pocket Reaver P/B 2. Lil Bling B/B 3.

Start off with Spawn of Onyxia's Tail whip, Syd is going to apply whirpool. Continue with Tail Sweep as he will cast bubble. At the start of turn 3, use Lift off, its going to mitigate whirlpool and finish the last bubble. Once lift off resolves, use the nect turn to use healing flame, as he will re-up the whirl pool, and from here its just Tail sweep spam.

When Mr. Pointy comes in, you should have one last round with Spawn, if not switch to Yeti, and start with Call Lightning, with storm up its 2 hits with fist, then end it with Ion Cannon. The idea is to get him under the 1k that the cannon delivers. With both opponents down, all thats left is the Madd Cow, Otto. If the yeti is still around, try to get Call Lightning back up, if not use whatever isnt on CD. Once Custodian is in, you want to start with shock and awe, looking for the stun. From there, its just Zap till hes in range of the cannon, and its his last time on a sign telling you to "Eat MOAR CHIKN" Click the link below for the One shot!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki