Eleanor is one of the new Scrappin' Dailies of WOD.

Team 1: Swamp Croaker B/B, Stitched Pup H/P, and Crystal Spider B/B

Start with the Swamp Croaker's Bubble, She will charge her ability. Next is Swarm of Flies. The bubble will negate the charged attack. Swap to Stitched pup.

Start with pups Flurry, its really just to get some damage rolling. Plagued Blood will allow the spider to gain a little health thru its round, from there just Flurry spam until he goes down. When his ability is activated pop Howl, when he drops, swap to the Spider.

Start with Brittle Webbing, then its Spiderling Swarm. This should take her pretty low. Ride the spider out and pick up the Swamp Croaker Again. You should have 1 bubble debuff still and bubble free to use again. I used Tongue lash, then popped bubble after she blew the last debuff. Then just danced around her till she was dead. You can also use a fox and pop Dazzling Dance, instead of the Stitched pup, he just garentee's the Howl before the spiders setup

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