Grubbles, Scrags, and Stings are one of the new Scrappin Daily Quest pet teams of WOD.

Team 1: Flayer Youngling S/S, Menagerie Custodian H/H and Lofty Libram H/B

This team was alot of fun to play against. I chose the flayer for his strength against critters and his deflection for the avoidance of Clobber. Start with his Rampage. When its over move into Tripple Snap. Once Grubbles is down, you will have 2 or three rounds left on the sticky goo, so when Scrags first comes in, be sure to use Deflection, its WHY we chose the S/S Flayer! Spam tripple snap untill the Sticky Goo is gone, then swap into the custodian.

With the Custodian, just Zap spam untill hes within the 1050 range of Ion Cannon. If you use Shock and Awe and stun him, he will pet swap. So keep him in play and hold SHock and Awe untill the flier comes in.

When Stings enters, go for the stun with SHock and Awe, if we can't stun him, just ride the custodian out untill he goes down. Then swap into Lofty Libram. Start with Amplify Magic, depending on how much life he has left you can either spam Arcane Blast or Inner Vision then blast. Either way he's going to live with God. Watch the Video for the one shot!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki