King Floret

King Floret is one of the new Scrappin Daily Quest pets of WOD.

Team 1: Eternal Strider S/B, Mirror Strider B/B and Mudback Calf H/P

This Legend hits like a TRUCK, so its gonna take some coordination to take him down. Once again, its really all about timing. He's going to start with Fist of the Forest, So you want to use the Eternal Strider to get Cleansing Rain. It increases all the Aquatic damagewere about to unleash, so its important. From here, you can try to charge a Pump. I prefer to get at least one Water Jet, as the stider here is about to get WTFZOMGPWNED!

With the Eternal down, now you can focus the Pump combo. Each one should hit for 1.2k or so. With the swapped pet down, the next one will WTFZOMGPWNED the Mirror Strider, if you can get a shot in, great, if not dont worry. All we have to do is control the last few rounds by using the calfs Clobber and Water Jet.

This team does sometimes switch thier tactics, so it may take a few tries. This strategy was the most continuous I found to succeed. Watch the Video for the One shot!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki