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Monkey Buisness

Monkey Buisness is another chain gang style team. Bonkers is the pet. He's a new addition as of 5.4 and comes from the Timeless Isle. I spent about 30k coins and opened 114 chests to get the 3 I have for my team, but others I know have gotten one after another. Jab, Going Bonkers!, and Tornado Punch work very well with each other, but Dodge can be swapped for Going Bonkers, and tends to frustrate your opponent. While Haymaker hits hard, if it doesnt connect it will stun you, so keep that in mind. I have found that Going Bonkers, Jab and Tornado punch work very well together and provide the best results. These humanoids heal after every round, and are very strong stacked in a team like this. I recomend S/S style breeds. You can find a guide on breeds here: Breed Id Explained

Monkey Buisness Line up: Team A: Bonkers, Bonkers, and Bonkers

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki