Whispering Pandaren Spirit

Team: Emerald Proto-Whelp

Start with Emerald Bite to get a little damage in. The next move will be Cocoon Strike, so use the time to swap a pet if you need to level it or let it ride, your choice. Once the whelp is back in play, use Bite once more, then Ancient Blessing. Once the debuff it applies is up, use Emerald Dream to get to full then take Dusty down. When the next pet swaps in, use Emerald Bite if your racial is up to do more damage, if not then just Bite spam if your life is above half. This is just a balance of keeping your life up and bite spamming. When the dragon is down and the Air Spirit comes in she will buff herself and start healing, so look to get yourself up to full also with dream. Now its just rinse and repeat between bite and blessing. SOLO OWNED!!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki