Blingtron 4000

Team: Jademist Dancer, Teroclaw Hatchling

Start with Acid Rain from the dancer. Use Rain Dance for 2 rounds of + critical strike and a heal. Now spam Steam Vent until Au is down. When Banks comes in, try to get another use of Rain Dance, it persists thru death into the next pet so sometimes you can get strong hits with the pet switched in. Once the dancer is down, swap to Teroclaw. Get Natures Ward up, and dodge if you like but I just spammed Claw to keep the DPS up on banks. When Banks goes down and Lil' B comes in, reup your Natures ward, and spam Claw. Im not sure, but I believe everytime I used dodge on Gift Package he healed because it didn't connect. So the call is yours. Either way, spam claw to glad!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki