Chen Stormstout

Team: Skybo and Teroclaw

Start with Skybo and use Sticky Grenade. Afterwards, pop Flamethrower then Launch. This will negate inc damage from Chew and Bite. Once Launch resolves, so will grenade. If it hasn't killed him, pop flamethrower once more! When Tonsa is down and Chirps enters she will cast Lullaby. There's nothing we can do so swap into Teroclaw once she sets you to sleep. With teroclaw in place, pop dodge, then spam Alpha Strike twice. This should get her into Ravage kill range to heal you back to full. With two down and only Brewly left, an easy win awaits! Dodge should be up by now. Use it to avoid the 4 round -25 hit debuff from Inebriate. With your health over half and racial up, spam Alpha Strike, when you drop below, use ravage. If she dies, swap back to Skybo and finish it with flamethrower spam or Launch. GG!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki