Lorewalker Cho

Team: Spawn of Onyxia, Flayer Youngling S/S

Start with Spawn and use Lift-Off. When it resolves, use Tail Sweep. Before you kill Wisdom, be sure to get Healing Flame off to be as high in life as you can for the Broom. When it comes into play, use Lift-off again. After it resolves, get healing flame up again and then spam tail sweep untill either pet goes down. IF you have to swap in the flayer, do so, but leave deflection available. You wont use kick untill the dragon comes in play anyway. Once the broom is down and Knowledge rotates in, he will strat with Amplify Magic, so attack with Blitz. For his next attack use either deflection or kick, which ever isn't on CD. afterwards, use which ever you didn't. The idea is to bounce between Kick and Deflection to negate the two rounds of amplify magic he applies. Spam Blitz for the win!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki