Christoph Vonfeasel

Team: Lil' Bling, Wild Golden Hatchling

Start the round with Rocket, then swap to the Hatchling. Use Lift-off to negate the incoming whirlpool damage then Breath once to end the Bubble( make sure you connected with Lift-off). Breath once more then set Call Lightning. Once the Hatchling goes down flip into Bling. Pop Inflation and it should take 2 of the three rounds and kill Syd the Squid. When Mr. Pointy comes in, the last pulse of inflation should put the damage increase debuff onto him before shield. From here, use Rocket and hit him for 1.6k. When Chick Filet's message board mascot comes in, reset the rocket then use Extra Plating. Now re up Inflation, and when it ends, pop Rocket one last time. GG Otto!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki