Cymre Brightblade

Team: Anubisath Idol, Pandaren Mechanical Dragonling

Start with Anubisath. The key here is timing Deflection with Rot. There both on the same cool down timer and Deflection always goes first. From there, pop Stoneskin, then Crush spam. Make sure when Rot comes off cool down, you time Deflection to it. Even if you miss the end of the round and cause Dark Rebirth to resolve, you can just continue to negate the damage. When Wishbright Lantern joins in, swap to the Dragonling. Start with Decoy, then spam breath. This is a DPS race to beat Wish from resolving. When he's down, Either ride out the Dragonling or swap to Anubisath. Either way, you want to time Deflection to the second use of Rocket. And keep Stoneskin up. The only time I avoid recasting stoneskin is when he's low and I can get him under Repair's resolution.

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki