Dr. Ion Goldbloom

Team: Nordrasil Wisp and Iron Starlette

Start with Soul Ward, this will negate the resolution of screamers Lift-off. Use Flash followed by Light. This sets a 2 round -50 hit chance for two rounds against you and does hella damage! When he drops below 50%, he will use Feign Death. So knowing he's going to use it, swap to the starlette. Once Trike comes in, start with Wind-Up. Afterwards, try to use Supercharge. If you use it great, If you get stunned, no big deal. Just use it again. One way or another your getting it off. After its up use windup again and drop 2.4k on Trikes face. When Screamer swaps back in use Toxic Smoke, then wnd up twice. With both pets down in comes Chaos. He will usually kill the starlette so when he does just swap into the Wisp. Start with ward, then flash then light. Keep cycling them in that order, and pass when you can do nothing. This method will completely negate the damage from Instability giving it a ZERO % chance to connect =).

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki