Thundering Pandaren Earth Spirit

Team: Pandaren Mechanical Dragonling, Emerald Proto-whelp

Start with the mechanical dragons Decoy, swap to the proto-whelp. Start with breath x2, then Ancient Blessing, then Emerald Dream. As your going to spend a lot of time stunned and frozen, might as well heal thru it. Keep Breathspamming, and always be in Emerald Presence when theres 1 round left on his Crystal Prison and Rupture. You can ride the round out to give max health to the whelp, it will help in the end. Once the Earth Spirit goes down, swap out to the Plushie, she can soak the first Expunge, then swap out into the pandaren dragonling. hold the decoy for the rat, just breath spam here until Sludgy is down. When the rat comes in use Breath x2, then on the burrow, pop Decoy. From there breath spam as much as you can until the dragonling goes down or you win. If the dragonling dies, grab the whelp and decide weather to heal or attack, either way its GG!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki