Burning Pandaren Spirit

Team: Anubusath Idol, Crow - Anubisath solo's the fight

Start with Crush, useStoneskin as he goes into the air, then pop Deflection as he comes down. From there its a simple crush spam until he's dead. When the fire spirit comes into play, use Deflection on either the Conflagerate or the Immolation. I think the Conflagerate hits harder, so its up to you. As a humanoid, Anubisath will generate health from any ticking damage you receive with the Stoneskin up. Either way, theres a two round period where Fire Spirit just stands there waiting for cool downs. So just Crush spam, avoiding one of the abilities. Once Fire spirits down, and the wasp comes into play, you can pet swap safely here. It will set a debuff for a few rounds that wont hurt it much. I prefer to get deflection up for one of them, but if Stoneskin is running low, then re up that instead. it completely negates the damage from swarm over the next few rounds. With Anubusath back in play, just Crush spam until its dead, an easy win!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki