Sully the Pickle Mcleary

Team: Mud Jumper or Swamp Croaker and Teroclaw Hatchling and plushie

Start with the frogs Bubble, then Tongue Lash. Nest is Swarm of Flies. From here spam lash until Socks triggers his racial. When he does, swap in the Plushie to soak whatever damage he dishes. When Monte swaps in, swap to Teroclaw. Use Dodge first, when Burrow resolves, use Alpha Strike twice, use Ravage next as that should kill the rabbit and heal your hatchling on the kill. When monte is dead, swap back to the frog. Get bubble up and flies ticking. when the frog goes down, swap to Teroclaw. Start with dodge, you want to keep the racial advantage of going first. from there just alpha strike spam keeping dodge on CD. Should be an easy win by that point!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki