Team: Sunreaver Microsentry, Emerald Protowhelp

Start with Sunreaver. Pick anything because your going to be stunned from Counterspell, so when its over then use Extra Plating. Then choose Supercharge. When the cocoon comes down, hit Laser. Then its just laser spam till he goes down. If you feel Sunreaver wont make the next round, just use this pet to re up your Extra Plating, then kill him and move into the next pet. Keep super charge and laser up and dps down the second moth. Try to ride out the Sunreaver into the third pet. If you can't, when the Emerald Protowhelp comes in, start with Emerald Presence. The trick here is to use Proto-Strike to negate the Moth Ball damage. So if its cooling down, then get into the air with protostrike to avoid it, if not, hit presence. Its really just Emerald Bite spam until she GETS OWNED!!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki