Taran Zhu

Team: Crystal Spider B/B and Crow S/S

Start with the spider and use Crystal Prison. This ability will allow us to control the tempo and pet order we want to battle. When Li swaps in, use Brittle Webbing and then Leech Life. This will feel a bit slow, but we will recoup a lot of health thru the rounds, and in the end kill him. So just bounce between those two abilities, keeping prison ready when he goes down to force Yen back out and Bolo in. When Yen enters, you should have your immunity to stuns up still, so its a wasted round for him. Get a little bit of damage on him with webbing then life with leech. Afterwards, use the prison to force Bolo in. After the prison resolves, use the time to swap in the crow. Start with Darkness, then pop Nocturnal Strike. then spam Alpha Strike until he Blinds, Swap to the plushie to soak, then back into the crow. Once the crow is back in, it should be around long enough to use another darkness and nocturnal strike. If not, the Spider with webbing up and leech should do just fine. Either way when hes down and Yen comes in, he will try to evade with Feign Death when he drops below half life. So wait till after that for prison. From here, its just bouncing between web and leech for the win!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki