Tarr the Terrible

Team: Unborn Val'kyr, Blighthawk

Start with the Val'kyr and use Haunt. The damage is going to tick off when the murloc switches into the rear. On the switch, choose Blighthawk. When he comes into play, you have a few choices. I like to start with Infected Claw. Once I swipe a time or two and he gets in range, switch to Ghostly Bite. If somehow he lasts to start Deep Breath, you can use Lift-off to negate the incoming damage on the round it resolves. From there just keep up claw spam. On the third gladiator, he's going to use a variation of leap, so have Lift off ready to meet it. When he comes down just use whatever isn't on cool down. If Blighthawk goes down, swap back to the Val'kyr. She should be good to go with Shadow Slash spam to finish it out.

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki