Pandaren Water Spirit

Team: Anubusath Idol, Crow

Start with the Crow's Darkness. This will mitigate a lot of the healing happening in this fight. Follow it up with Nocturnal Strike. From here, spam Alpha Strike until Marley is down. When Tiptoe enters, if its off cool down re use Nocturnal Strike. If not, re up Darkness or whatever isn't on cool down. When the crow goes down, swap to Anubusath. Get his Stoneskin up and hold Deflection until you see 1 round left on Whirlpool and Geyser. This will completely negate all damage from the round. If you need to level a pet, swap them in in the first round the Water Spirit enters, then back out to Anubisath. She starts the round with Whirlpool then Geyser, so you have time to set up. From here just time Deflection to the debuff's popping off. If its off time as the fight goes on, deflect the geyser as it stuns. GG Water Spirit!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki