Wise Mari

Team: Pterrodax Hatchling, Pandaren Mechanical Dragonling, and The Elekk Plushie

Start the round with Pterrodax and Lift-off. Once resolved, spam Slicing Wind until carpe is down. Use Ancient Blessing to regain health before the switch into the Dragonling. When you bring him in, pop Decoy, then its breath spam untill Spirrus uses Soul Ward, Use Thunderboltto set some damage on the rear pets when you can to remove the ward. Then just rinse and repeat until River enters. When he does, he's gonna start with some maintenance by using whirlpool then diving, so your decoy should be up. If you had to swap to the Pterrodax, then use lift off to negate the resolution of whirlpool and the dive. from there keep ancient Blessing on cool down and span slicing winds. An easy win!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki