Team: Elfin Rabbit B/B and Flayer Youngling S/S

Start with the rabbit and use Burrow. Once it resolves pop Dodge. This will evade inc damage for the next round. Watch the round counter on Ice Tomb. Once it has 1 left, that's when you use dodge. So pretty much your just gonna spam Flurry keeping dodge ready for Ice tomb and burrow on CD. When the rabbit is dead swap to the Flayer. Depending on how close to death the first dragon is, save kick for the next. When you first enter the round with Alex, use Kick, then deflection on an ability that isn't Ancient Blessing. Spam Blitz until hes down. When Dahda enters, use Kick. Get some blitz damage in until he casts Elementium Bolt. Save Deflection for bolt. When the bolt has 1 round left on it, use Deflection. Once it resolves, just keep him stun locked and Blitz spam. An easy win!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki