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Storm Owned

Storm Own teams are synergistic teams that mix weather effects with abilities that are magnified by the weather. Before the 5.4 patch, the Call Lightning lasted for nine rounds. Now in 5.4 and beyond the effect only lasts for five rounds. Even so, the teams synergy is still terrific! The idea behind this team is to use Call Lightning to enhance the AOE damage thats going out from the Dragon's Cyclone, Quake, and Thrash abilities. The Gnomes Build Turret is very strong with Call Lightningin place, and its like adding an additional 3-400 damage a turn! His Blitz also hits harder with call up. The mechanical passive is really strong in this teams makeup as they return to life after being killed. So the abilities of this team are diverse and strong against alot of different crews. As of 5.4, you will have to work the dragon in to re-up the call. You can sub another pet for Call Lightning like the Tranquil Mechanical yeti, but that will make the entire team mechanical, I like to vary my family's so theres less chance of comming across a makeup thats strong against one type, IE: elemental damage against your mechanicals. The mechanicals dont come in many breeds often though, so if you can find different breeds, I recomend P/P style breeds. You can find a guide on breeds here: Breed Id Explained

Storm Owned Line up: Team A: Wild Golden Hatchling, Clockwork Gnome, and Pocket Reaver

Watch the video below to see the teams in action!

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