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Pet Battle Pvp Team 19 pet Supply Bags


Switch-a-roo style teams utlize forced pet switching to keep your opponent off balance and on your terms. You can experience this first hand against Lil' Oondasta, he uses his Frill Blast to force your team to swap. Feign Death, Death Grip,Nether Gate, and Sweep, are all examples of this mechanic. The claw is particularly effective because it sets a DOT Doom on the target, then swaps it to the back line, so its damaged even when not in play when the DOT resolves. The team I use utlizes this mechanic in every single pet. Being so varied in family, this is a great toolbox style addition to your team line up! The imp being humanoid heals itself every round, and sets the dot Immolation and adds damage every round, so I usualy start with him. The broom has Clean-up, wich removes objects on the field and is strong against beasts and flyers. The crawling claw is undead, and lasts an additional round once its health has been brought to zero. You can create a few different varients of this team, so play around and see what works for you! If you can find different breeds, I recomend S/S style breeds. You can find a guide on breeds here: Breed Id Explained

Switch-a-roo Line up: Team A: Fiendish Imp, Enchanted Broom, and Crawling Claw

Watch the video below to see the teams in action!

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