Tirs, and Fiero are one of the new Scrappin Daily Quest pet teams of WOD.

Team 1: Twilight Fiendling P/P, X 3

Team 2: Twilight Fiendling P/P, Spirit Crab H/H

This team was alot of fun to play against. I chose the Twilight Fiendlings for thier strength with Adrenal Glands. Start the round with Creeping Ooze, Next is Adrenal Glands, folowed up with Rake. This reduces the incomming damage from his pump. From here its just Creeping Ooze spam untill hes down.

When Fiero comes in, this is where RNG plays a HUGE part. His ability Cataclysm not only hits like a truck but it has a ONE turn cool down.. just silly. So now its a dps race, so try to get rake up to negate some of the damage, and keep Creeping Ooze spam up untill hes down!

If you have Syd the Squid, hes AMAZING in this fight and can comletely Solo these two. Watch the Video for the One shot!

Aki the chosen

Grand Master Aki